Providence Baptist Church
Thursday, February 22, 2018

Prayer Requests

February 21, 2018
*Indicates members
To leave a prayer request, please return to the "Home" page and click on the link
"Form for Prayer Requests"
Beecher Baker*
Hester Baker
Carla Berry
James Brown
Ila Buchanan*
Georgie Cody*
Charles Cowart
Debbie Crosby*
Kelly DeBord
Ann Dixon*
Frank Gibson
Norman & Elsie Gibson*
Shirley Gibson*
Clara Helding*
Charlotte Hodges*
Lucy Johnson* (Shannondale Healthcare)
Faye Keck*
Jean Keeble*
Alan Lipton
Elmer & Laura Matthews*
Rachel Mutter
Ada Pryor*
Alice Reed*
Nora Rolen*
Dennis Rosenbalm
Gary Rosenbalm*
Clay Sellers
Nancy Shannon
Lisa Shehan
Gail Smelcer*
Megan Stinnett
Frank & Estalee Stoffle*
Patsy Tarwater*
Archie Thomas
D.C. Thomas
Ashley Valentine*
Hope Weeks
Landon Whitted
Margaret & Stan Williamson